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Merit Enterprises, Inc.

Your Number One Source for Secondary Pipe and Tubing

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Why Pipe Fencing?

At Merit Enterprises, we are committed to being the best possible supplier of secondary pipe and tubing for fence, gates, corrals, panels, and more.

Regardless of whether you are putting up a perimeter fence, boundary fence, livestock fence, or corral fence, there is no better choice for farm fencing than a pipe fence. Pipe fencing is the most long-lasting, adaptable, safe, and attractive type of fence for your ranch, farm, or estate. Pipe fencing is also enormously appealing and adds considerably to the value of your property.

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About Our Products

Flexible, Strong, Low Maintenance Fencing

Pipe fencing is very durable. Pipe fence requires little maintenance and there is no other fencing material that will last as long as a pipe fence. Fencing is a costly investment so it only makes sense to use a high quality material that will last.

Pipe fencing is extremely flexible. Pipe comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so it's easy to design a fence for whatever your needs may be. For corrals and handling facilities, pipe fencing is very strong and sturdy. Pipe fencing is a very popular choice for horse fence because it is particularly visible and safe. It is simple to vary the height of the posts or number of rails depending on whether the fence is being used for boundaries, corrals, paddocks, pens, cattle, horses, or sheep. Pipe is also the material of choice for portable panels, gates, and cattle crossings.

Safe Livestock Fencing

Pipe fencing is safe. With pipe fencing, there are no boards to splinter, no barbs to injure, or rails that bend and pop out under pressure. A pipe fence is strong enough to prevent livestock from escaping from the most crowded corral.

The Right Choice for Fencing

At Merit Enterprises, the pipe and tubing we offer has been sorted for any visible defects.  So you can buy with confidence that the pipe and tubing you purchase is truly the right choice for your fence!

What is Secondary Steel?

Secondary steel is new and has never been used, but for a variety of reasons it cannot be used in the application it was originally manufactured for. Even though it's not suitable for it's primary purpose, there are thousands of secondary uses for it! The reasons for pipe and tubing to be classified as secondary are many. It may be too long, too short, too big, too thick, too thin or too small. It may just have a cosmetic flaw. The best part is the cost. New secondary steel is available for a fraction of the original price.

Keep in mind that since new, secondary pipe and tubing is obviously not produced intentionally, the availability of any given size or sizes can vary greatly from day to day. Secondary steel is considered to be the most desirable type of pipe and tubing for livestock fencing so items sell out very quickly and may not become available again for several weeks.

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